by Ivona Andreevska - Nestorovski

Date realised: 26.01.2019

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Using direct (mobile) sales in BTL Campaigns

Modern time has brought its own kinds of battles to our lives – chasing time being at the top of the list. We need more time for everything – finishing our work responsibilities, spending it with our family, doing the chores, time for yourself…
As an agency that is following all the trends of modern life and work towards finding creative yet more productive oriented campaign for our clients, tackling the challenge of improving the market position and sales results for our clients in a time where every consumer is in a race for more time came naturally to us.


This is how we formulated the challenge: how should we ensure sales for our clients if we are suggesting different communication outlets to what has been done until now – good old retail store chains?

Here is how the process would look:
1. we have the promotional team present the product and its USP to the consumer
2. consumer likes what they hear
3. consumer goes to the closest retail store in order to make purchase
4. the closest retail store needs to have this product listed
5. consumer needs to buy the product
6. consumer makes product consumption
So, we are asking for 6 not so simple steps from the time chasing consumer that barely had the time so stop and hear what the promoter had to say?!

This was the light bulb moment for us – what is we make it possible for the consumer to purchase the product right there and then?

MPG Skopje is a certified company for selling goods and services through mobile cash registers anywhere in the field, throughout the entire country! The concept is brilliant by itself but what do the clients get out of using this tool?

1. SALES DEPARTMENT – first line communication agents that live the brand, share their enthusiasm with the consumer and have the opportunity to ‘close’ every contact made with sales. We like to call these people communication agents as they are the perfect mix of super trained promoters and brand ambassadors. Using this toll does require for the people doing the sales to be permanently employed in the company which makes an even stronger connection between the communication agent, the client and their goods and/or services and the marketing agency. The big bonus to the agents is the motivation, job safety and employment benefits they get once they join the team.

2. OPPORTUNITY FOR ON-THE-SPOT SALES – a good communication agent rarely lets a successful communication end up without a recruited customer. And I am happy to say that it is becoming a very common practice for these guys to sell more than one product to one consumer and by doing this, the communication agents not only assure better sales but increases the possibility for the consumer to change their habits and next time, pursuit this product by themselves.

3. OPENING NEW SALES CHANNELS – mobile sales is the only tool you can use for selling the product on every beach, sky center, safe or park. All in one day. And with one team. Exciting, isn’t it?

4. ACCURATE AND TRANSPARENT WAY OF WORK – the fiscal cash register to not allow for any sort of manipulation so this the most accurate and transparent way of reporting back the success to the client.

This whole concept makes you think for your next promotions, doesn’t it? I can’t blame you, the whole MPG team is fascinated by the results achieved by using this tool. It goes without saying that every brand, product and service are different and there needs to be a specific way of approaching to each and every one of them. But this is why we have the team of accounts, colleagues that love being challenged to finding way to improve your company’s results.



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